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The Seed Barn 

The Newest Addition to The Telico Gin

Welcome to the Seed Barn! This building was always on the property behind The Telico Gin, but in 2017 it received a face lift! This is now an incredible addition to the property. The slanted walls are covered with shiplap and cedar and elegant chandeliers hang from the tin ceiling. Connie wanted this space to feel elegant! Take a look inside! 

Perfect Size

The Seed Barn is a smaller venue than the Gin, and is the perfect size for your more intimate events.

It is located right behind the main building and offers a beautiful place to have your indoor wedding ceremony, baby shower, birthday party, etc.  

The seed barn can hold up to 200 people for a wedding ceremony or 65-75  guests for a birthday party or shower.  

The Essentials

The Seed Barn has you covered!

  • A small kitchenette adjoins the main room with a refrigerator, stove, and sink. 

  • A gender neutral restroom is also located in the Seed Barn.

  • The Seed Barn has central heat, air conditioning, and ceiling fans.  

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