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Frequently Asked Questions 

"Where can I find your pricing and rental information on the website?"

At The Telico Gin we enjoy getting to know our clients personally; for this reason we do not put pricing and rental information on our website. You may obtain this information by giving us a call. 

"Do you offer catering?" 

We do not offer catering at The Telico Gin. Most of our guests hire caterers to come in for their special day! We just ask that your cateer has insurance to ensure eveyrone is covered if something should happen. 

"How many chairs and tables are provided at The Telico Gin?"

We have 30 rectangular tables and 400 white, garden chairs.

"What are the dimentions on the tables that are provided?"

Our rectangular tables are 8'x 2' and we also have two round 48 inch (diamater) tables. The gin also has a few antique pieces of furniture that are available for your use.

"Are we allowed to serve alcoholic beverages at our event?

We are a BYOB venue and require secuity and a bar tender if alcohol is at your event. 

"If we want to have our ceremony outdoors, can we use the gin's garden chairs?"

No. If you have an outdoor ceremony, you must rent additional chairs from a rental company. Our chairs are indoor only.

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